Why Small Sided

Why Small Sided Games:

All quality coaches incorporate small sided and or individual play in training sessions and are generally in reduced/tighter spaces which maximizes player touches. Coaches and players agree – 3v3 soccer is the best and most fun way to develop players. 3v3 formats teach players the game within the game of soccer. There are NO goalkeepers, high-scoring, fast movement, each player touches the ball constantly and learns the 3-player game. Players cannot hide in the 3v3 game. Most of the worlds’ best players grew up playing small sided/freestyle/pick-up soccer to hone their skills and passion for the game.



Why 3v3, 3v3 Futsal, and 3v3 Iron Man Competitions?

Creates 200%-300% more touches per player per game

Creates more goal scoring and defending opportunities

Encourages 1v1 attacking and defending

Encourages creativity and decision making

Instills confidence on the ball and in tight spaces

Increases ball possession/ball mastery/ball manipulation

Learn shape and or spacing, support and balance from teammates

Creates target play

Enhance players’ speed of play, field vision, & field awareness

Increases a players Soccer IQ both technically and tactically


The Extras:

Create your own fun name!

Design your own uniforms (numbers are NOT necessary but encouraged)

Small team rosters—3-6 players per team (4 players recommended)

Play with friends or school mates

Quick substitutions, lots of playing time

No certified coach necessary

No club affiliation needed, ANYONE can play!

Build 3v3 clubs


Want Even More?

Track ranking points awarded for participating in all S4 events (working on individual and team)

Qualify for the USA 3v3 National Championships

Qualify for the Disney 3v3 Championships

Participate in one of  S4’s camps or clinics